How To Wax

How To Properly Wax A Vehicle

Applying wax or a paint sealant can be done either by hand or by machine and typically needs to be reapplied every 2-6 months depending on the product.  Carnauba waxes offer a deep gloss finish that is sought after by many car enthusiasts for their show cars.  Paint sealants do not offer the same deep gloss as carnauba; however they make up for this in their durability.  Carnauba waxes last up 2 months and paint sealants last up to 6 months protecting your vehicle from contamination and UV damage.
Wax and sealants are not just for paint, they can also be applied to windows and wheels.  Applying a layer of protection to your windows helps reduce water spots and increase visibility while driving in the rain.  When a vehicle’s wheels are properly protected it will help prevent bake dust from sticking to the surface making it easier to maintain.  Only an automotive shampoo will be required for weekly wheel maintenance.


1. It is important to tape off trim and emblems to prevent unsightly wax build up in crevices.  Some waxes and paint sealants stain plastic trim when they dry leaving behind unsightly white marks.  The dried product must then be removed using a diluted Isopropyl alcohol or a dedicated wax removal product.  The extra cost and time required to tape off trim is more than worth it considering the time spent fixing unsightly staining and product accumulation.

2. Spray a small amount of quick detailer onto the foam applicator pad until it is damp.  This process is often referred to as priming the pad and reduces the amount of product that is absorbed into the applicator pad.  It is important to remember that it is easier to add more product than it is to take excess of off an applicator pad.  Applying too much product can cause excessive curing time and often make the product difficult to remove. 

3. Wax and sealants can be applied using either the straight line or circular application method depending upon user preference.  The straight line method consists of applying the wax horizontally and then vertically on a vehicles panel to ensure even coverage.  This method can only be used when applying products by hand.  The circular method can be used with both hand and machine application methods.  It involves using small overlapping circles to ensure complete and even coverage.  When applying by machine it is important to use a low speed so that the product does not prematurely dry and not properly bond to the vehicles surfaces.  It is important to start at the roof and work down to the rocker panels.  It is necessary to use a separate applicator pad on the wheels unless it will be demoted to wheels next time or discarded after each use.

4. Once the wax or sealant has had time to haze (turn white) it is time to remove excess with a wax removal microfiber towel.  These towels have a special weave and short nap that allows them to effortlessly remove products.  It is important to fold the towel into quarters to equally distribute applied weight over the surface of the towel and it also provides eight clean buffing surfaces. 

Products and Tools

Quick detailer
Foam applicator
Masking tape
Carnauba wax or paint sealant
Wax removal microfiber towels