Thursday, January 9, 2014

How To Wash Your Vehicle In The Wintertime: Rinseless Car Wash

Wintertime vehicle washing has always been a challenging task to accomplish In Vermont due to the frigid temperatures.  Touchless car washes rely on strong soaps and detergents to remove dirt and debris without physically touching the vehicle’s paint.  Any previously applied carnauba wax or paint sealant will be severely degraded or completely removed after a few trips through the touchless car wash.  Rinseless car wash products are gentle on existing paint protection and often leave behind their own blend polymers to boost performance.

What is a rinseless wash?  A rinseless wash is a type of vehicle washing which does not require running water. Rinseless washing not only conserves water but it allows vehicles to be washed during winter months. Since running water is not required vehicles can easily be washed using warm water in a heated garage, even when the outside temperature is below freezing.  Consider buying a pair of insulated waterproof gloves such as Hanz waterproof gloves in order to keep hands warm and dry.

Pre-soaking heavily soiled panels with a rinseless wash product or quick detailer will help minimize the risk of wash induced marring.  If maintaining a flawless finish is a top priority, consider using microfiber towels instead of a sponge.  Fold the microfiber towel into quarters so that there are eight total towel surfaces.  After one surface of the microfiber towel becomes contaminated, flip the microfiber towel exposing another clean surface.  Once all eight towel surfaces have been used, set the towel aside, and start the process over with a new microfiber towel.

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